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derek hale revealing my daily thoughts

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Reblog this if you think people with scars and stretch marks are still beautiful.

This really sticks with me.

This really sticks with me.


After watching the last episode I am very fricking upset.

We learned the identity of the Darach, and soon after, she found her next victim: Sheriff Stilinski.

This is not okay at all [cries 1000 years].

But when Jennifer was talking to the Sheriff at the end, going down the list of sacrifices…

Warriors, Guardians, Philosophers, Healers, Virgins.

This put an interesting idea in my head that I’ve toyed around with a bit.

Can we just speculate for a minute?

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That’s a really interesting theory because if that were true then that could possibly explain why Stiles is a ‘Spark’ in the first place or where he could have inherited it from. But then I would have to question why the Sheriff was taking care of Stiles in the first place. Is he doing someone a favor or did the Stilinski’s change their name to hide from something or someone?

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Dear Derek,

Sorry you have zero luck with the ladies. Maybe you should consider banging dudes?

PS. I hear Stiles could be persuaded.

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